Hi, I'm Tom Bond

A freelance copywriter

Want compelling copy? See what I do here.

I write about some of my travels on Medium. I also love to photograph. I post mainly to Instagram.

I have some social documentary here and travel series on Exposure. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


I have a Documentary Photography degree from the University of South Wales and an MSc in Sustainability & Adaptation from the Centre for Alternative Technology.


I give some of my time to non-profits working for a more sustainable world - if that's you, get in touch.


In May 2017 I finished a five-year term as an elected Labour councillor in Newport. To chase new adventures, I decided not to stand for a second term.

Beyond the council, I've been a school governor, charity trustee, and company director. At university, I became student president.

The past few years, my day job mixed copywriting, conversion optimisation, marketing and SEO in web and technology.


My favourite objects include my cameras, mountain bike, photography books and running shoes. Writing, environmentalism, politics and technology are my other big things.

Ps. If the purpose of your visit was only to find Tonks’ Insta, that's OK. I understand.

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